Hi, I’m Sabine

I am a reiki practitioner and I trained with the Reiki Academy London.

I am trained in both Eastern and Western Reiki, and my lineage can be traced back to Mikao Usui who created Reiki in Japan in the early 1920s.

In addition to my reiki training, I completed an additional course called Reiki Science.

I am also a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, practicing Acupuncture and Chinese Herbalism. I have been a fertility and pregnancy acupuncturist since 2006.

I believe that…


In today’s fast paced world ruled by technology, so many of us are getting more and more disconnected from nature and from our true selves.

I feel it’s really important to take the time to switch off, quiet our busy minds, and feel life force energy flowing in us. Life force energy connects us to nature, to the universe, but also to our true self or higher self.

We can all benefit from deep relaxation, serenity and connection, and I love being able to facilitate this for my clients.

“I had my reiki treatment last week and it was pretty amazing! I found a cosy spot in my bedroom, lit the candles and put some relaxing music. The session began. I didn’t really know what to expect cause it was my first session and it was done remotely. After a few minutes I felt the connection, tingling in my fingers and toes. I was getting relaxed and drifted away. Some time after I felt like I was kinda going through the stars and galaxies. Afterwards I felt pretty much energized. I highly recommend it to everyone and I’m looking forward to another treatment!!! Sabine, she is a really great therapist!! thank you again and see you soon.”


Balgriffin, Dublin 13

” Today I had my first remote Reiki session with Sabine. I began my session by laying on my bed in a dark room with some candles lit, I didn’t really know what to expect to be honest, I closed my eyes. After a while my mind totally began to relax, I completely zoned out which is hard for an over thinker like myself to do. After the session I sat up in my bed and had an overwhelming feeling of calmness, I feel I have been re-focused and my mind is in a healthy place again, the negative thoughts that where beginning to creep in are gone. Overall it was a great experience I really enjoyed it, exactly what I needed to get me back in a positive space. Definitely  something I would do again!”


Ashtown, dublin 15

“I had a reiki session with Sabine and after the treatment I went home with an uplifted mood.
The treatment was really soothing. She sent good vibrations that allowed me to see different colours and release some blockage in my body.
The treatment was enjoyable and well worth it.”


Marino, Dublin 3

Working with me


I strive to create a welcoming and nurturing environment, and I only provide treatments that I would be happy to receive and purchase myself.

During your reiki treatments, I will channel reiki and place my hands on/above your body in a various number of positions, starting at your head and ending at your feet.
You may experience anything from deep relaxation to heat/cold sensations, tingling, pulsing or waves. Your sensations may also vary from treatment to treatment.

Distance treatments are booked online and I ask for full payment at the time of booking.

I have two late cancellation fees: 25% for less that 48h notice and 50% for less than 24h notice.

Reiki treatment room


Acupuncture LicenciateAcupuncture Foundation Ireland
Chinese Herbalism DiplomaAcupuncture Foundation Ireland
Reiki ShodenReiki Academy London & Danieli Rangel
Reiki OkudenReiki Academy London & Danieli Rangel
Reiki ScienceReiki Academy London
Tera Mai Reiki Patricia Loughlin
Certified Crystal HealerEvolve Institute


If this resonates with you and you are feeling called to try a reiki treatment, I would love to work with you


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