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What is Reiki?


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique for deep relaxation and stress reduction which also promotes the body’s innate healing abilities.

The term reiki means universal/divine life force energy.
Eastern medicines have been working with this vital energy (called qi/chi, ki or prana) for thousands of years and recognize its flow in all living things

Reiki removes blockages and gently restores the free flow of energy in the body, which in turns stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself.

Reiki works on an energetic level and since everything is energy including our body, thoughts, feelings and emotions, Reiki can help us heal on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
It promotes physical healing, mental wellbeing, but also brings a spiritual connection to your daily life.

People turn to reiki for relaxation, to reduce stress and anxiety, increase positivity, reduce pain and help with recovery after an injury or surgery.
After regular reiki treatments, you may be seeing things more positively, or finding more meaning and new insights.

reiki energy illustration


Reiki is the universal life force energy that flows in everyone and everything (same as Qi or Prana).
A reiki practitioner acts as a channel/conduit to send universal reiki energy to those who wish to receive it in order to facilitate healing.


Facilitates mental/emotional healing by promoting deep relaxation, reducing stress & anxiety, and improving sleep quality.

Faciliates physical healing by easing muscle temsion, promoting pain relief, and strengthening the immune system.

balance & harmony

Reiki balances energies in the body. It Reiki removes energy blocks to promote the free flow of energy, to restore health and regain balance and harmony in our body.

spiritual growth

Promotes personal awareness, strengthen spiritual connection, awakens intuition, promotes peacefulness and positive outlook, stronger connection to your inner voice and intuition.

After regular reiki treatments, you may be seeing things more positively, or finding more meaning and new insights.

What happens during a distance reiki session?


The process is exactly the same as an in-person reiki session, except that the practitioner and recipient are in different locations. You may be wondering how is that even possible…

Reiki is an energy healing modality, it works on an energetic level and energy knows no boundaries. Energy is not restricted by time or space.

Level II Reiki, which is required to practice professionally, is all about learning distance Reiki. Students are attuned to sacred symbols that enable us to connect to energy and send reiki through time and space.

During your remote treatment, I will channel reiki and send it to you wherever you are at the time.
The sequence I follow is the same as an in-person session, I will place my hands in various positions over your body, starting at your head and ending at your feet.

The session happens on Zoom and lasts 1h.
It includes a short consultation where we discuss your expectations, a 45 min reiki treatment, and a final chat where we share any feedback/insight.
If you want me to, at the end of the reiki session while I am still connected to your energy field, I can pull an oracle card for you as a guidance message. I can send you a photo of the card and its meaning for future reference.

Reiki will be delivered to you no matter what you are doing at the time, but for your own enjoyment it is recommended that you lie down or sit comfortably in a quiet place while we are connected online.

You may experience anything from deep relaxation, or a feeling of inner peace, to heat/cold sensations, tingling, pulsing or waves. Your sensations may also vary from treatment to treatment and it is also normal to not feel much at all.


Oracle Cards

I had my reiki treatment last week and it was pretty amazing! I found a cosy spot in my bedroom, lit the candles and put some relaxing music. The session began. I didn’t really know what to expect cause it was my first session and it was done remotely. After a few minutes I felt the connection, tingling in my fingers and toes. I was getting relaxed and drifted away. Some time after I felt like I was kinda going through the stars and galaxies. Afterwards I felt pretty much energized. I highly recommend it to everyone and I’m looking forward to another treatment!!! Sabine, she is a really great therapist!! Thank you again and see you soon


Balgriffin, Dublin 13

Today I had my first remote Reiki session with Sabine, I have been seeing Sabine for acupuncture as I am going through IVF treatment and I have been getting brilliant results from my sessions. She had told me about Reiki and it was something I was really interested in, so I began my session by laying on my bed in a dark room with some candles lit, I didn’t really know what to expect to be honest, I closed my eyes I began to manifest and see things that I want the most, a family! I just lay there visualising this. After a while my mind totally began to relax, I completely zoned out which is hard for an over thinker like myself to do. After the session I sat up in my bed and had an overwhelming feeling of calmness, I feel I have been re-focused and my mind is in a healthy place again, the negative thoughts that were beginning to creep in are gone. I have an IVF scan tomorrow which I was really anxious about but I no longer have that worrying feeling, I know I will get good news tomorrow! Overall it was a great experience, I really enjoyed it and it was exactly what I needed to get me back in a positive space. Definitely  something I would do again!


Ashtown, Dublin 15

I really enjoyed my reiki treatment and got a lot out of it! I felt refreshed and rejuvenated after.
I saw swirling colours of lilac and light purple hues, almost like flowing light. I got some vivid visions of places I had travelled to and was thinking of visiting in future which were significant to me.
Overall, I felt a rise in energy which built gradually over the session and then I could feel intuitively that the session was over. It surprised me that I could definitely feel when Sabine was connected and then when she stopped doing Reiki even though our treatment was distanced.
Afterwards, I felt so clear of mind and lighter that I meditated for a bit without any racing thoughts that I would normally have. It was lovely to be able to extend the relaxed atmosphere after the treatment by having it distanced.
Sabine is a very powerful healer and I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki treatment and even felt the healing energy the next day and day after. I’ll definitely be recommending her Reiki to others.


Donabate, Co.Dublin

Clinic Location

41 Dominick Street Lower, Dublin 1, D01 YX44

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Thursday – Friday: in-person reiki
Monday – Wednesday: online reiki sessions


In-person Reiki: €85 (1h)
Distance Reiki: €85 (1h)

You are not here by accident and have been divinely guided here, are you feeling called to experience reiki?